June 10, 2019

Agency ignition

  • Do you want your agency to be more efficient?

  • Are you using the best processes and services?

  • Do you get the best out of your people,

  • Are you running your clients’ or are they running you?

With over 25 years agency experience – working in and running – we help accelerate growth, processes and revenues!

We use a proven methodology to help you GET-GAIN-GROW your agency into an efficient business model by conducting a review of the following through a series of workshops and interviews:

  • Methodologies
  • Systems
  • Processes
  • Projects
  • Reporting
  • Proposals
  • Financials
  • Communication

The outcome is a set of prioritised actions that can be carried out across each area of the agency.

Over the years we have successfully delivered this process into a number of agencies allowing them to grow, prosper and retain clients for years’, some have gone onto acquisition.

We have experience across all aspects of agency and business strategy having worked for large digital agencies, PLCs, on executive boards and for the past 9 years running a successful consultancy. Between us we have worked across many industries – financial services, construction, public sector, charity, e-commerce, travel and utilities and managed projects ranging from £’000s to over £2m.

We would love to talk to you about your agency, how we can help and share the knowledge we have gained over many, many, many years of “got the t-shirt” experiences – drop us a line if you fancy a coffee and chat.

Examples of our success:

We are bound by NDAs on all our work, and adhere to that commitment to confidentiality. Here is selection of some recent success stories.

  • Full service Leeds based agency; Their biggest issue was client retention following the initial project, this increased to become their prime income stream, allowing them to concentrate on existing clients’ without constantly having to chase new work. They completed the programme and implemented the action points over 12 month period.
    • Results – retained client revenue up 166%
    • Results – project efficiency up 230%
  • Leeds digital agency; distressed agency not knowing what to do next; how to grow, manage projects better etc. Over the course of 2 years they were able to completely turn around into a profitable agency and ultimately were acquired by a larger agency.
    • Results – sales grew year on year 300%
    • New account wins increased, and value of projects
    • Acquired by another agency for a beneficial amount
  • West Yorkshire digital agency; their key issue was how to win larger projects and importantly, deliver them efficiently. We demonstrated how to win larger pitches – major win £120k project in financial services. We introduced a management process that ensured large projects were delivered on time and budget.
    • Several large account wins – financial services, fashion, ecommerce
    • Revenue growth as a result; team size stayed the same
    • Efficient delivery process introduced
  • South Yorkshire digital agency; this agency wanted to target public sector tenders but were unsure how to approach the market. We assisted in tracking the correct tenders to apply for and how to respond to the tender notice. We successfully helped them pitch for a local government tender, guiding them through the process and attending the pitch.
    • Knowledge transfer of public sector tender process
    • Pitch template that can be repurposed
  • Leeds based full service agency; review team and methods in relation to pitch process, project management and reporting. In addition, comment on tools used and the current website.
    • Tighter pitch process, not distracting main team from paid work
    • Tighter project process, accountable actions, review points
    • Relevant choice of tools cleaned up to ensure consistency