Cipher Medical; A Digital City strategy success

CIPHER Medical is a Hartlepool-based business delivering healthcare solutions including training, equipment, logistics support and governance services to the medical profession. In the Autumn of 2020 CIPHER Medical was swamped. Providing driver support for hospitals struggling with the volumes generated by Covid, opening a new training facility, and increasing volumes of web- based services and product orders. A core issues was the lack of online services, the poor rate of enquires and sales conversion of the website, as well as methods for handling the increasing workloads.

Digital City, part of Teesside University was asked for help, and briefed the situation and needs to Braid Consulting. In turn, Braid developed an analysis and solutions project to address the core business needs. Namely:

  • Review website functions and best practise
  • Improve sales and enquiry funnels with an emphasis on efficiency
  • How to link website functions with internal office systems

Following review of the project outline form Digital City, Braid audited the existing digital provisions, and discussed needs, resources and objectives with CYPHER Medical.

  • A project structure was developed.
  • Review current site offerings, data, services
  • What quick fixes can be achieved, at what cost and time frame
  • Consider functions of new website and implications for
  • future digital activity (sales etc)
  • internal systems (i.e. calendars)
  • Review international marketing objectives; consider implications for the website
  • Develop technical brief including navigation proposal
  • Training requirements

A website audit started the project; UX/UI, goal handling, content review, optimisation. Core issues identified included:

  • Booking interface and CRM failures
  • Domain hosting issues
  • Lack of updates and maintenance leading to irretrievable pages
  • A range of security issues related to old WordPress templates
  • Ecommerce failures
  • Content planning needed

The outcome was the development of a new website brief encompassing greater functionality for the delivering of training, ecommerce functions, translation and internationalisation of product sales and enhanced CMS functions including course bookings.

A traffic generation review resulted in a detailed plan for new content, optimisation, and a concerted approach to social interactivity. Braid developed the new brief, navigational wireframes, and assisted CIPHER to obtain 3 quotes from suitable agencies.

Once proposals were received Braid provided the comparison analysis for CIPHER to make their selection. Braid then project managed the delivery of the new website site, given the team at CIPHER had neither the technical project experience to manage the process, or the time!

Delivery included content migration, 301 management, design considerations, CRM specification and various compliance issues.

Site optimisation was worked on, and social activity plans put in place.

The new site was delivered in under 8 weeks, and within the agreed budget and agency quote.

  • Web traffic grew monthly by +130%
  • Social traffic grew fourfold
  • Social goal interactions delivered a leads for the first time.
  • Social conversion rates exceeded 3%
  • Organic traffic has grown every month of 2021, and goal conversion rates exceed 3%
  • Overall Goal conversion moved from 0.3% to +3.5%
  • Leads escalated, as did databases for training enquirers

Digital City worked with CIPHER Medical to bring focus to the digital issues the company was being held back by.  A brief was developed and Braid asked to analyse the situation and assets, and create some practical solutions. The result of that report was the delivery of the new website, and improved optimisation of traffic sources. Which in turn has led to business expansion and a platform for even more growth.

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  • A realistic, achievable vision
  • Measurements of success
  • Budgets and deadlines that are realistic

Braid provides agnostic assistance; we review, report and advise with the only objective being to give the client the best possible outcomes. 

We deliver no-nonsense assessments to identify where to improve, and how to do it. We manage the delivery of projects that ensure there isn’t project (or budget!) creep. We agree on objectives that represent a real benefit for the client. We leave clients with knowledge, abilities and opportunities. Perhaps most important, we leave clients in control.

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