Digital Due Diligence

“…exercise of care….to take before entering into a contract”
“a comprehensive appraisal of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer, especially to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential”

When you buy a company, you need an accurate picture of that company’s digital footprint. You also need to interpret the information given in case  of ambiguity, inaccuracy or plain old missing. What a company shares, based on ignorance or maybe judicious editing, will not be sufficient.

An audit for due-diligence purposes needs to establish;

  • Ownership, control of assets
  • Resilience, best practise, legal compliance
  • Audience, costs, reach
  • Future costs

We report on a wide range of related topics which in turn builds a picture of the true digital worth of a business, as opposed to what appears on the P+L.

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Areas to consider include:

Competitor digital strengths, positions Traffic sources/impact Audiences; data, ownership, security, privacy
Digital market Platform resilience Asset ownership; proof
Marketing strategy Social footprint; B2B/B2C

Part of our diligence activity includes corrective analysis; the cost of getting it right. This will help inform budgets for purchase as well as post-purchase planning.

The data needed is of course balanced by what the company initially divulge. The interpretation and verification of the data is where expertise can make the difference.

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