Digital due diligence

“…exercise of care….to take before entering into a contract”
“a comprehensive appraisal of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer, especially to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential”

When you buy a company, you need an accurate picture of that company’s digital footprint. You also need to interpret the information given in case of ambiguity, inaccuracy or plain old missing. What a company shares, based on ignorance or maybe judicious editing, will not be sufficient.

An audit for due-diligence purposes needs to establish;

  • Ownership, control of assets
  • Resilience, best practise, legal compliance
  • Audience, costs, reach
  • Future costs

We report on a wide range of related topics which in turn builds a picture of the true digital worth of a business, as opposed to what appears on the P+L.

Areas to consider include:

Competitor digital strengths, positionsTraffic sources/impactAudiences; data, ownership, security, privacy
Digital marketPlatform resilienceAsset ownership; proof
Marketing strategySocial footprint; B2B/B2C

Part of our diligence activity includes corrective analysis; the cost of getting it right. This will help inform budgets for purchase as well as post-purchase planning.

The data needed is of course balanced by what the company initially divulged. The interpretation and verification of the data are where expertise can make the difference.

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“ Strata have worked with Braid for over 5 years. Brian and David have managed a number of key projects, from web builds, marketing strategy and major new IT developments. The thinking, application and quality behind the projects has been excellent. What stands out is the pragmatic and realistic advise given. Keeping themselves and other suppliers to deadlines, budgets and objectives has helped considerably!”

Paul Stone

Director of Transformation

We have had a working partnership with Braid Consulting for several years. We have always found David and Brian to be proactive, reliable, and pragmatic. A refreshing change from other agencies we have had dealings with !

Tony Booth

Managing Director

“I thoroughly enjoyed my dealings with David whilst negotiating a partnership between our respective companies. I found David to be extremely professional, efficient and likeable, as well as a hard negotiator. I would definitely recommend David as someone you can do business with.”

Damian Dutton

Senior Commercial Development Manager, Virgin Media

“Working with Brian both as a client and a colleague has been a pleasure. He is extremely calm, especially when others are fraught, affable and has more experience in digital than I do, which is a great asset. He managed projects for most of our clients as well as helping drive more sales into Nomad, a trusted and wide-reaching role.”

Duncan Randall

Team Nomad, MD & Co-founder