February 8, 2013

Digital Strategy Review

An initial (free) digital strategy review might confirm your suspicions or delight you?

  • When you buy cheese, a little sample always helps…
  •  A wine tasting may encourage you to buy a bottle or 3…
  • So is a free strategy review worth a moment of your time?

So if you want to understand what Braid could contribute to your business you will want a free digital strategy review to prove the worth of our thinking. The proof of our activity also needs to be in the context of YOUR business, not some carefully considered case study. Equally, we want to understand if there is a contribution we can make. Let us review your web presence, your acquisition, conversion and communication activity. If we find new opportunities, issues and savings we will outline our ideas. If there is little to be improved we will also tell you!

So, can you afford to say no to a free health check?

For an initial Digital Strategy Review, please  fill in the form and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

Digital strategy reviews should provide you with a broad view of how your business is operating in the digital world. The review will consider

  • your website; its optimisation, usability, content, accessibility and legal position.
  • Your sources of traffic; is it appropriate, worthy, active, missing areas
  • Your content; its contribution to optimisation, engagement and  conversion
  • Marketing options and appropriateness; social, research, direct, advertising

To undertake a review we will need to understand objectives and budgets in order to conduct a standard SWOT and deliver realistic answers. We do not deliver formulaic results; we deliver appropriate solutions, answers and information.