Marketing planning

We look at the basics, we look for value, we deliver what a business can manage. Its not a daunting exercise, but we are not going tell you how great you are, but how to improve.

Our analysis includes

Many businesses don’t formalise their marketing approach; it just evolves. But at some point you need to stand back and ask the question; is this the best it can be? That’s when strategy and planning get reviewed.

Arriving at a strategy needs analysis, discussion, understanding of customers and your limitations! You know what makes your company different, what you want to help clients with, how you are going to tell them and whether it’s ultimately going to turn a profit.

Braid has a history of consulting with a wide range of businesses on their digital marketing plans. But not just a history of consulting…we have a history of building and applying marketing strategy in business. We can demonstrate success, and failure, and what we learned from what went wrong.

We consider whats appropriate in terms of systems, and the skills that may be needed to deliver the plans (using email editors, page builders, Ad platforms or social media). We put plans together on broad, as well as specific areas. If you want to discuss SEO, PPC or email marketing. If you want the agencies results checking, their advice given a litmus test, or developing in-house skills its all part and parcel of our digital planing service.

We will always deliver an initial situation view as a precursor to any formal contract. If we don’t think we can help, or there is little to change we will say so!

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