October 31, 2012

Online Strategies

So why do you need online strategies?

So you have a website. OK, but who is it aimed at, what does it offer, what are the USP’s and how are they delivered? Where’s your audience and how do you reach them? We have experience in developing online strategies for a variety of industries, from retail to travel, from training to construction; the strategy we favour is digestible, actionable and affordable.

Without effective online strategies to guide your web business it is easy to loose focus of the objectives for your website. Building a strategy need not be a complex process but it is essential to ensure that you maximise the ROI from any online activity. Whilst we follow a well trodden process to build online strategies, we avoid the usual marketing gobbledegook and ensure we communicate appropriately at every level in the organisation. As we have run commercial teams of developers, been responsible for marketing plans of internet departments, reported to MD’s and plc boards, we basically have had to talk to ever level of an organisation.

Braid Consulting don’t do mumbo-jumbo!

So when it comes to creating an online strategy for you, be assured, it will be practical, and it will be designed to help you make money, not spend it!

helped me to set strategic direction and adjust my marketing accordingly



Online Strategy Case Studies:

Digital Strategy for Builders Merchants

  • Digital Strategy
  • Online Consultant
  • Project Manager

 User Centric Website

  • Full Project Management
  • User experience
  • Information architecture
  • SEO research