Digital Strategy for Builders Merchants


A builders merchants digital strategy; Travis Perkins PLC is a national builder’s merchant with over 1800 trade counters. They has been struggling with online marketing and transactions, dropping a long way behind competitors. The challenge was to build a digital strategy, initially for their self build division that could be implemented and shown to work before producing similar digital strategies for the other divisions.


A series of research areas were identified as key to providing the data as for the focus of the strategy preparation. A full analysis of the online and offline builders merchants market place was conducted.   Particular emphasis was placed on holistic analysis of the digital space, and how competitors used various digital tools, as well as what tools the customer groups were actually interested in. Key word analysis, search conditions and calendar variations were also analysed.

A full set of recommendations were put forward submitted. The analysis highlighted a detailed range of project work required to build a competitive digital position. From a site perspective the information architecture needed a complete overhaul, along with actual content positioning, imagery and search considerations. Site marketing was also overhauled with recommendations on touch points and conversion enhancement. The offsite marketing plans were also overhauled with particular emphasis placed on tiered keyword targeting to build both converters, researchers and brand champions. Overall, the marketing strategies were also reviewed as to how to best capitalise on a main site/micro site environment.


The recommendations are still in the process of being implemented so full results are not yet known, however it has allowed the client to look at their marketplace in a way that they have not done before. There have been major changes implemented across the site, and initial reports suggest a major return to market share, and online turnover.