User Centric Website for House Builder


Charles Church wanted to come out of the recession at the front of the market – able to react quickly to customer demands.


A user centric website putting user needs at the forefront! Taking a thorough look through the current competitor offerings and determining the way users want to search for new homes. Used a process that is tried and tested; looking at user needs; user acquisition strategy to establish the best way to develop the site.

User needs:

  • analysing the online presence against key criteria:
    • Positions in search engines
    • Content quality
    • Keyword themes/silos
    • Analysis of relevant competitors
  • SEO research gives the ‘goals’ of the site

User acquisition:

  • The user can then be targeted through the correct marketing medium
  • The objectives of the site are confirmed as achievable

Information architecture:

  • Full site structure incorporating the SEO research
  • Prototype mock up with full usability testing


  • Mood boards following brand
  • Design candidates
  • Final design – close to candidate


A site that is easy to use and focuses on the user. The results from the site have shown a marked increase in conversion traffic.