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Google, Bing and other search engines have been trying to determine what is the “best result” for a search, on behalf of their users, for over 20 years.

We have been trying to work out how to get the best positions on search engines for…..almost 20 years.

Search Engine Optimisation or Organic optimisation is the exercise in making a web page attractive to a search engine, such that it’s deemed the most relevant to show against a search query. Achieving this simple objective has to be based on interpretation of unspecific guidance from the engines themselves.  And that is where everything begins to unravel!

Optimisation best practice is invariable the safest, more boring route to success. Gaming the rules may be quicker, but can also lead to disaster (ask Interflora, Tesco, BMW and countless others).

Much of the derision pointed as Search marketing is because agencies have a habit of bamboozling clients

SEO is a basic form i.e. Best Practice, can have a beneficial impact in a number of ways, and influence other marcomms activity. Optimization marketing can be well managed, structured and create accurate expectations. Delivering on organic objectives involves multiple areas of the business, not just marketing. Planning such activity needs project skills, knowledge of the rules, the experience of interpretation, analytical skills and the ability to talk in straightforward terms.

Scaremongering with data which is of low importance

Providing huge reports with hundreds of “actions”

Committing to no measurable objective

Developing inappropriate links, poor content and kiss me quick solutions

If you want coherent planning, simply put, in a way that suits your budget (i.e. NOT a £5k monthly retainer for 12 months!) then speak to us

Oh, and we also pass skills on, so ensuring your team can pick up SEO and make it part of their everyday marketing, making the agency (at least semi) redundant is also one of our aims.

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