Spot the web strategy Nobb

Managing a client who’s fishing for free web marketing strategies (No obvious brief or budget; Nobb) The bane of every consultant and agency is the enquiry which looks like a potential project, but quickly turns into a waste of time, leaving the agency/consultant feeling rather used. So how do you spot, manage, deter or convert a “nobb” client
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Website strategy; building solutions

1. Define the problem Most website strategy solutions come about from a specific problem or combination; conversion drop, lack of sales, high exits, wrong traffic. Once the problem(s) has been identified and agreed at all levels it is simply a matter of process to find the solution to test. 2. You need to decide what
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Busting the SEO Myths; some Strategy Consultants views

1 – SEO needs major technical and programming knowledge Not anymore. Making sure your site meets the core basic requirements of good content, written for human beings. Online reputation, good content that real people want to look at and a site with a basic, simple structure is as technical as it gets. 2 – SEO is
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Mistakes in SME Web strategy; a web consultants view

According to economic forecasters there are over 4 million small businesses in the UK, and many will have a website. Unfortunately many of these businesses will not be able to answer the following in a strategic manner; Why have we got a website? How do I know what its doing? Has it been built correctly
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Web strategies for success

At most client briefings there are quite often common goals; improve usability, make us different, make sure we are better than our competitors. Which are fine but these objectives have now become ‘the norm’ and get recycled over and over, it’s a safe option and familiar to everyone involved. Objectives like these may lead to
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