Website usability analysis


Do you ask a 60yr old man whether a youth fashion website works?


Do you ask a 16yr old if the luxury sports car website works as it should?


Who do you ask to review and test the solicitors website to see if works?

Answer: The owners of all 3 websites would say themselves first

Its a fact that if its your business, your opinion counts first. But when it comes to whether your website works…your opinion should be last. Its not for you…its for your clients, your customers, your users. You have too much knowledge of the product, your company rules, your processes, how you think the market works.
So judging how well your web site works needs to be done by your customers or by unaffiliated users with the widest knowledge of what does work (ie empirical proof or a heck of a lot of trial and error!)

Two options; Formal research or the application of experience….

Our Approach

We have been involved in building, promoting and managing websites since 1999. In 20 years we have seen a lot of trends, techniques and mistakes made. We have followed some, tested some and made many!!! We read…we research…we report on multiple websites performance…we LEARN all the time about what is working, and what doesn’t. Some typical issues:

  • do the forms work logically, and maximise conversion?
  • does the design work in multiple browsers, and fast?
  • where are you loosing users and why
  • is the user journey process efficient?
bad navigation
When navigation design fails

Some examples of what doesn't work?

A landing page...selling 3-5 bedroom new build homes!
A landing page...too busy!..and how many navigation options?
Which bike is which? and where is the "Buy" button?
Before you change your website, ask Braid to look at the current usability. Let us measure, dig, break. Let us cast a net wider, and form a view where opportunities exist for improved performance (which delivers better goals/profits). Let’s look at where the design or functions are broken, and what you need to build to improve conversion, retention and engagement. Let us test whether what your agency said was necessary really was?
We can keep it short and sweet or we can dig deep. Our feedback will be in manageable chunks of work, balancing cost against benefit. We don’t pull punches but we don’t look for change for changes sake.
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