September 26, 2012

What They Say About Us; the testimonials

We have a range of testimonials, from clients, colleagues and employers. Here are just a few.

A collection of recommendations for skills displayed by David Ranby and Brian Schur.

Clients and Partners

Strata; Paul Stone, IT Director

“ Strata have worked with Braid for over 5 years. Brian and David have managed a number of key projects, from web builds, marketing strategy and major new IT developments. The thinking, application and quality behind the projects has been excellent. What stands out is the pragmatic and realistic advise given. Keeping themselves and other suppliers to deadlines, budgets and objectives has helped considerably!”

Virgin Media; Damian Dutton, Senior Commercial Development Manager

“I thoroughly enjoyed my dealings with David whilst negotiating a partnership between our respective companies. I found David to be extremely professional, efficient and likeable, as well as a hard negotiator. I would definitely recommend David as someone you can do business with.”

Right Outcomes Training; Anthony Garnett, Director

“David’s knowledge of his subject matter and how to achieve excellent results set him apart. He has helped me to set strategic direction and adjust my marketing strategy accordingly.”

 Best Western; Gavin Percy, Director of Sales

“David is a thorough and assured marketeer. We worked together on a number of key projects including First Place marketing and we always achieved a successful outcome together. At the same time this was carried out in an enjoyable atmosphere”

Hall Creative; Gillian Hall

“David gives much valued, great advice. He has a vast and in-depth knowledge of internet marketing, strategy and networking.”


Team Nomad; Duncan Randall, MD & Co-founder

“Working with Brian both as a client and a colleague has been a pleasure. He is extremely calm, especially when others are fraught, affable and has more experience in digital than I do, which is a great asset. He managed projects for most of our clients as well as helping drive more sales into Nomad, a trusted and wide-reaching role.”

 Branded3;  Tim Grice, Head of Search

“It was a pleasure to work with David on the Worldview projects, he has a firm understanding of multiple internet marketing disciplines and was able to apply successfully to all the projects we worked on. David was easy to work with and was able to get buy in from all areas of the business, making sure projects ran smoothly and successfully as possible.”

 PCD,: Tim Barber,Client Services Director

“As a client David was great to work with both on a professional and personal level. An experienced marketeer, he could always see the bigger picture especially handling the corporate re-brand from Consort Hotels to Best Western. Briefs were always clear and feedback considered. I have no hesitation in recommending David – a genuinely good guy.”

Traffic Junction; Michael Edwards, Managing Director

“David was one of the first to recognise the benefits of paid search and a pioneer in forging agency relationships on a paid only on performance basis. This model has now become standard practice some six years on!  All of our team at Traffic Junction have a high regard for David. He knows his subject and how to get the best out of client/partnership relationship.

It was a pleasure to work with him.”

Past employers


Davor Parker, Joint Managing Director

“David brought a wealth of ecommerce experience to Worldview. He was able to quickly assess the priority improvement areas of our core websites, and help us make the changes necessary to achieve greater conversion rates and reduced errors, as well as introducing useful new functionalities. David was also instrumental in fine tuning the SEO process and our PPC campaigns, both of which were extremely complex tasks due to internal reporting challenges. Because David’s experience is so broad, he is incredibly versatile, and appears to be comfortable in both hands-on and hands-off tasks. I would also add that his work ethic and professionalism is beyond reproach.”

Stuart Parker, Joint Managing Director

“David undoubtedly has a talent for Internet marketing. Throughout his time at Worldview David demonstrated energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and experience and was a great presence in the office which helped inspire some of our less experienced colleagues.”


Welcome to Yorkshire

Joanna Royle Marketing Director

(now Regional Director with the National Trust)

“I appointed David to project manage the redevelopment of the flagship tourism site at Welcome to Yorkshire. With a very tight timescale to deliver against, David inspired me with the confidence that we would hit the target. We did, and the site went on to win TravelMole Best Tourist Board Website within months. David is extremely knowledgeable about internet marketing – a real expert in his field.”

Pete Wilson, IT manager, Welcome to Yorkshire

“David provided a high level of service, proving on many occasions that his skills and knowledge during his time with us were more than up to the job of helping us successfully re-launch”



 Ray Jones, Brand Development Director (now Business Development Director, Time Out)

“I worked with David for over 8 years. He is a great guy, a hard worker and a very effective online marketeer.”



Mick Mason, National Internet Account Manager

“David is passionate about all aspects of the online world and ecommerce. He has a keen eye for detail and is a great all-rounder who would be a useful member of any online marketing team.”

Amit Biswas, Freelance Content writer

“As a Freelance Content Writer I have had occasion to come into contact and work with a great many Internet Marketing Managers. Many are mediocre; with no real idea of effective Internet strategies…David is a notable exception and is an Internet Marketing Manager of the first order.

David has an in depth understanding of the whole gamut of PRACTICAL Internet strategies and this is directly reflected in the success of Superbreak as an Internet-wide, high profile brand.

Because of his knowledge and skills, David is a particular pleasure to work with, as it is obvious to anyone working with him that the direction of his Web Strategies are sure to be highly successful and thus reflect well on anyone associated with his team.

Barry Cooke, Search Marketing Manager – Holidaybreak

“Having listened on many occasions to David speaking at annual forums and conferences, it is perfectly clear that he has a firm grasp of all things relating to Internet marketing.

As well as being a true professional, David is also a great guy to work with and has just the right attitude that is required to make any business succeed. Universally liked by all he meets, David is a true asset to any business.”