October 11, 2013

Our Process

We Go Where Few are Willing to Go! …beyond URL structures, page title tags, website copy and redirects.

An Online Strategy That Goes the Distance
Once we’ve nailed down the nitty-gritty, you need a team to help you focus on the horizon. Let’s move beyond mere tactics, and focus on advanced strategies that make sense and will make a difference.

The Strategic Difference: We’ll take a macro look at the landscape to identify where the gaps lie between you and new, incremental business.  We focus on the bigger picture, the larger initiatives, and the things you need to plan for, budget for and work your way into.

Our Online Strategy Consulting process focuses on the short, intermediate and long-term approach so that you have a route to follow in getting to the next level, its a tried and tested process that has proven results.

1. Get to know you
The first step in any successful relationship is asking lots of questions. We need to fully understand the goals of your project and ideally work closely with you to understand your business, and your objectives. We probe to figure out what you already understand, and where knowledge gaps exist. We are looking for insight so that our solutions work long-term.

2: Discovery
We need to dig deep into a site to really understand how things work. Some of us “literally” roll up our sleeves and get dirty to really uncover a site. Each engagement is a project of discovery, and clients are often surprised at what is found and what can be easily fixed.

3: Competitors
We analyse your competitors – how are they similar, how are they different, and what can we learn from them? Our Online Strategies compare and contrast your site with your competitors’ sites so that it clear what works and doesn’t work in your market sector.

4: Planning
This is where it gets exciting. Armed with your data, challenges, assets and liabilities, we pull in members of our team with relevant expertise – we brainstorm and hatch a strategic online marketing plan that will have the greatest impact for you business.

5: Deliver the strategy
There are three characteristics that differentiate our work.

  • First, they’re actionable! We have a firm policy: there is no point in delivering a report that has no clear next steps.
  • Second, they’re clear! Our reports are written with two different audiences in mind: (1) the SEO Practitioner who is going to have their work cut out for them, and (2) the Executive who needs to understand what impact our recommendations will have.
  • Third our audits are thorough! There is enough great stuff to keep everyone busy for many months to come. Do not be surprised if you end up with an 18-24 month plan in your hands.

6: Build a Friendship
By this time we’ve stripped your site down, and given you the plan to build it back up to be far more visible in search engines. But our relationship doesn’t end here. We know online can be a challenge and we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with clients that last throughout the implementation process and beyond.