Award-winning 3D house configurator

The Problem

Can we give new-build house buyers the tools to configure the rooms in their new house? Can we show them a photorealistic image of their choices? Can we give them more choices?

Once a house buyer has chosen all the elements of the rooms in their new house, the options need to be placed into an ordering system allowing the builder to customise the house during the build process. The configurator must show the customer the house type they have purchased on the plot they will be living in. Once all the options are chosen, the final price needs to be confirmed, and purchasable.

Technical Uncertainties We Overcame

  • House configuration had never been tackled previously
  • Can a whole house be configured with photo quality imagery in real time render for the user – no time lag?
  • Can an order be placed from the configurator by the user
  • Can the configurator operate in a web browser without the need for plugins?
  • Can the configurator operate on desktop, laptop and tablets – not mobile due to screen size limitations?
  • Can the configurator operate in a web browser with little or no latency on page speed?
  • Can products be efficiently updated to reflect supplier choices?


  • Full house configurator – photo realistic quality
  • Customer order placement
  • Customer house display
  • Web browser delivery – no plugins required
  • 23% uplift in customer options orders

2019 UK Business Awards; Digital Initiatives award

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