August 16, 2013

Internet Marketing Consultants

Internet experience, knowledge we live and breath it

We have been working as Internet Marketing Consultants for a number of clients and agencies on dedicated projects, both locally and nationally. It may be that you have specialist projects, or need some short-term resource cover that would benefit from our input?

  • Worked for a number of businesses generating between £100k and £80m per annum online
  • Offer most organisations a fresh view of projects either new or existing
  • Experience of working in, and with, agencies such as Fuse8, Bigmouth Media and McCann Erickson. We have experience of managing, and being a major client
  • Managed web marketing and development teams (including remote teams in India and Russia)

We can assist on, and develop projects encompassing: online marketing strategies, website/ecommerce strategies, organic SEO strategy, information architecture, project management and site testing.

We strongly believe we can bring added value to any project. Contact us discuss any potential opportunities – or if you fancy a coffee.